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Eat technically

Mon, Jun 13, 2016, 07:18 AM
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Are you eating indiscriminately without keeping in mind the bad effects of overeating? You may eat well, but you should not eat everything you have. By following some tips, you can protect your health.


It is the breakfast that decides gaining or losing weight. If you take protein-rich food items for breakfast, you do not feel hungry for a long time and thus you won't gain much weight. The kind of foods that can be taken as breakfast are oats upma, semiya upma, aloo parota, eggs, sprouts and so on.

Size of plate matters

The size of a plate plays a key role in eating. If you use a small size plate, the amount of food you take will be generally less. For lunch and dinner, half of the plate should contain vegetables, 25 percent carbohydrates and the remaining 25 percent protein-rich food items. Rice, wheat and several other grains contain carbohydrates. Millets, oats and bajra can be taken rotationally in your food for maintaining good health.

Eat slowly

If you eat food fast, the amount of food you take will automatically be much. So, try to make it a habit to eat slowly. If you eat any food slowly for 20 minutes, the brain starts giving signals that stomach is filled.

Liquid diet

It is advised that everyone has to take water and fruit juices very frequently. For every 30 minutes, one has to take water and coconut water in sufficient quantities. There is no better alternative to coconut water. Green tea is also good for the body.

Say No to snacks

Experts are saying that some food items, which are not good for health, can be stored at a secret place so that you will not have a desire to eat them. Similar is the case with other good food items which must be kept at an open place.

Don't eat while watching TV

It is not at all good to eat food while watching TV, as we can't observe the amount of food being taken and so your body will suffer some form of loss by eating much.

Don't miss to eat

You have to compulsorily take breakfast. If you miss it, metabolism will be dull. With this, you feel more hungry than the normal and eat much food by the end of the day. 


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