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'Godavari' Authentic Indian Food now in New York

Thu, Jan 01, 1970, 12:00 AM
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Press Note: Press Note: Thanks so very much for your kind response Love and Support….. It's great serving you in WOBURN, MA & RALEIGH, NC.

We strongly believe that we keep your taste buds alive and active again and again.

Now, with your Encouragement, Appreciation, Support and Love we are extending our food catering services to NY.

Lets allow our 'Godavari' to flow towards "New York" with great spirits. Hope Godavari flow along with River Hudson in New York.

Yummy news to all the food lovers in New York….

To invoke your Desi taste buds and to make you feel "Mother's Recipes"…. Our chefs are serving traditional recipes like "Raagi Sankati".. "Ulavacharu Biryani".. "Peetala Kura".."NAIDU GARI CHEPA” and many more authentic foods..

Wide varieties of Live dosas and chats are our speciality. We also serve Best and largest "Lunch Buffet" at Best prices in entire New York.

Good News for Indian students who miss Desi cuisines and home food can cherish our "student specials" at affordable prices.

Our Young, Dynamic and Dedicated team always strive to serve you better because your contentment is our motivation.

Authentic South Indian Food is at your door step…. if you are staying within 5 miles radius…. We have got "Home delivery" service too.

We are proud partners of pioneer Grocery Stores "Patel Brothers" and working with them in "Hicksville" in the same premises.

We are happy to inform you that "Boston Globe" has declared us as the Best South Indian restaurant in New England Area.

Hope our Legacy Continues in New York starting from 10th of October with a Special Grand Lunch Buffet!!

Loyal and Happy customers are our strength and motivation.

Looking forward to serve you at:




Ph: 516-465-2400

Thanks again…. Hope you all avail and enjoy our services.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 269-267-0304


Press note released by: IndianClicks, LLC


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