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All about studying in USA

Tue, May 24, 2016, 08:34 PM
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So many Indian students have a desire to study in USA. There are so many reputed educational institutes and universities there. The careers of the students who study there will brighten up. Such students can also spend the rest of their life in USA itself and enjoy quality life. The students can earn while they learn, if permitted. For these reasons, many students prefer to study in USA, keeping aside the options in Australia, the UK, Canada and elsewhere. For studying MS and business management courses, many students have been prefering USA for a long time.  

Advantages of studying in USA are versatile culture and education with freedom. The students have to clear some tests like TOEFL, SAT and others if they want to study there. Final admission will be on the basis of scores in these tests, grade point average, marks in the entrance test, English language capabilities and other related issues. Some colleges conduct Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), American College Testing (ACT) and SAT for admission to their respective colleges. Some colleges give admission to some students, who do not have enough English abilities, with a precondition that they have to attend English classes before the academic session starts. Some colleges conduct Advanced Placement (AP) program and preference in admissions is given for those who have a better score in this test. Also, the score in this test is accepted in 60 countries around the world along with USA. The American government formed separate systems for giving recognition to different educational institutes in that country. The interested students will have to check before applying whether the particular educational institute has the recognition or not.

Three types of Visas

There are three types of Visas for those who go to USA for higher studies. They are F1, M1 and J1. F1 is issued for those students who go for studying full time academic courses like bachelors, masters and doctorate programs in USA. There is another visa with the name F2. This visa is issued for dependents of F1 visa holders like wife and children (below 21 years). With F2 visa, the children can study in the elementary and secondary schools in USA. M1 visa is issued for those persons who want to study non-academic or vocational courses. Some language certificate courses and others come under the section. M2 visa is issued for those persons who are dependents of M1 visa holders. J1 visa is issued for those students who enter USA as part of the educational exchange programs between the educational institutes and for those persons who go to USA for doing short-time courses. This visa is issued for university professors, research scholars and for researchers after completing doctorate courses. The dependents of J1 visa holders are issued J2 visas.

As long as you obey rules

Student visa holders have to obey all the rules as per the acts existing in USA. The consular officer has all the powers to issue or reject a visa. The candidates have to convince the officer that they will leave USA once their course is completed. They have to show proofs to the officer that they have enough money that is needed to complete their education in the country. Further, the holders of F2,M2 and J2 too should show enough proofs of having money for their entire stay in USA. They should also convince the consular officer that they will leave USA once their family head completed his course. F2, M2 and J2 holders can't work or earn in USA as per the rules.    

Before applying for Visa

The educational institutions in USA have to issue I20 form and then only one can apply for F and M visas. DS 2019 form is needed to apply for J visa. One can apply for visa 120 days before the course begins and can stay in USA one month before that date. F1 visa holders have a benefit in terms of passport. They can stay in USA till the completion of their course even after the expiry of their passport. However, such students have to get new passport from the Indian embassy there if they have to return to India.    

In American schools, foreigners can't study from 1st class to 8th class. F1 visa is issued to those students who want to study 9th and 10th classes. However, such students are permitted to stay there for 12 months only. This visa is issued to those students only if the respective schools mention in I20 form that the student paid all the fees for the entire year.

F1 visa holders can't do part-time jobs outside the campus in the first year. However, in some exceptional cases only, they are permitted for the same in the second year. But, doing any part- time job inside the campus is allowed and no permission of any kind is needed for it. In any case, one can't work for more than 20 hours in a week. The working hours can be 40 hours during holidays. If any one violates these rules, they will be sent out of USA. Similarly, M1 and J1 holders too are not allowed to work.

As per the Federal Government Acts, at least $4.25 per hour has to be paid for workers who are below 20 years. This rule is applicable for the first 90 days in that year. However, it must be at least $7.25 after those 90 days or a person reaches the age of above 20 years (whichever is earlier). The students, who are working on part-time basis, have to be paid at least 85 percent of these figures.

More salary in some cases

All these are minimum salaries only. In some other fields, one can get more salaries too as per the demand. For example, tutors are being paid an average salary of $17 per hour. If he has more experience in the field, there are more chances of his getting more salary. Food workers in restaurants are being paid a salary of $8 per hour on an average. Several foreign students in USA do part-time jobs illegally without getting proper permission. Some business organisations recruit these students, as they can give lesser salaries. Both sides have to face legal action if caught by the authorities.

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Top universities in USA...

For the year 2015-16, 30 universities from USA figured in top 100 universities around the world. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) stood at the top not only in USA but also the world itself. The university has a good name in the fields of physical sciences, engineering, biology, economics, linguistics and management courses. Harvard University stood at second place in the list. Some of its courses like life sciences and medicine have good recognition worldwide. If any one studies business courses at Stanford University (at number 3), they will have a very bright future. In the field of engineering and technology, the university stood second in the world. The California Institute of Technology stood at the top for research, science and engineering courses. The University of Chicago,which stood at number ten in the world, is best known for courses in arts and sciences. Eighty-nine students from this university got the Nobel Prizes till now. Princeton University stands next in the list of best universities. Its courses in arts and humanities have good recognition around the world. Yale University stood at number seven in USA and number 15 in the world. Five of its students had become Presidents of USA. The first Ph.D holder in USA is from this university. Johns Hopkins University stood at number 16 in the world. It is known as the best one in the field of research. Other best known universities in USA are Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania and Swarthmore College, The College of William and Marie, Williams College, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, Duke University, Washington and Lee University, University of Virginia, University of Texas and so many others occupied the next places in the list of best universities in USA.

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Best cities for education

New York : Columbia University, New York University and some other universities are there in the city.

Boston : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Boston University, Tufts University, Brandeis University, Boston College, North Eastern College and North Eastern University are located in the city.

Chicago : The city is home for premier universities like University of Chicago, North-Eastern University, University of Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology and others.  

San Francisco : Stanford University and University of California are some of the best universities in the world.

Los Angeles : University of Los Angeles, which stood at 27 in the world, is located in the city.  

There are several organisations and government departments to provide information on the educational opportunities in USA. The same kind of information is also available at American Embassy and consulates. These websites are so helpful for getting the information :




How to behave there?

Everything will appear new for the foreign students who land in USA for the first time. New place, new surroundings, new faces and new accents. All persons should try to adjust with the newness as early as possible. All American universities have a center meant for foreign students and the students can get the required information in these centers. Special programs are arranged there for the students who come from other countries.


Generally Indian students prefer to stay in dormitories and private rooms. However, staying close to the university would be a nice thing. Otherwise, you can stay in the surroundings of a metro station which is nearer to your university. Foreign students have to take medical insurance compulsorily. Getting medical treatment will be a difficult thing without this. You can take the help of foreign students service center at your university for getting the same.

Speak slowly    

 It would be better not to interrupt when the other students speak with you.

The most important thing Indians must remember is they must speak with Americans slowly and clearly. It is known that Americans speak so fast and so Indians too try to imitate them, which is not correct. Then, it would be a difficult for the Americans to understand our accent. One can get an understanding on history and culture of USA by speaking with Professors and American students. Generally, the Indian students are in the company of other Indian students only. But mixing with American students will help you reduce the gap.

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Prices of Indian food items in USA are high. So, self-cooking is helpful so you can save a large amount of money. In this way, you will have the satisfaction of having home food. You can get everything at American shopping malls and supermarkets. All the customers are under the watch and so taking a bill for your purchase at a shop is needed.

Never share your key information like social security numbers and credit card numbers with others. Similarly, don't respond for the e-mails asking you to inform them pins of ATM cards or passwords of online banking. You have to be alert always and keep an eye on every person in your surroundings.The police officers there suggest to you to be alert so you will be safe. They also ask you not to come out of the campus alone at night. You have to keep your computer, books, cell phone and other personal belongings safe. Don't open the door when any unknown person knocks. Generally, the Americans open the door only when they have confirmed themselves that the person is known. It is a safe practice. Doors have to be locked always.


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