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Tue, Dec 12, 2017, 12:49 PM
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Today, we cannot imagine a life without a smart phone. Lying in the palm, it has become the most important instrument, for all our needs. However, the most troubling aspect that most Android users face is quick discharge of battery. There are situations where 100 per cent battery power is used up, within a short span of charging the phone.

But this problem is faced by all Android users. So changing is the phone is not a solution. For increasing the battery life of Android smart phone, it is enough to take some steps to reduce waste. Let us take the advice of mobile engineer.

Apps running in background
representational imageSome keep playing games on the mobile. Some others open apps and close them. What Android users need to know is that when you open an app and then press back button, you will go to the Home page. The front of the app is closed. But it will still be open in the background. In this fashion, a number of apps are opened and used for days together. Many apps remain open in the background. This activity utilises battery power. Close these apps in the background. For this, instead of phone back button or Home button, you must click on another button, where you will see all the apps that you have used are seen in the background. Close all of them, one by one.

Even after this, they keep running in the background, invisibly. Go to Google Play Store and click on Greenify, an app with tree icon. Download this.

representational imageOn opening it, you will find a plus sign on top right hand corner. When you click on this, you can see the apps on the phone. Select them and press OK. Give necessary permissions. Click on auto hibernation in Settings. Then all the apps in the background will be closed. This will take care of battery overuse.

You can also install another app from Google play, called deep sleep battery saver. Open this app before sleeping at night and keep Slummer option ON. You will get calls and SMSes. This is also a good battery saver. In Apple iOS there is no need for such apps. Apps close automatically, after use. So there is not battery draining problem.

Switch off vibration
Many, who use smart phone, do not focus on Settings. When you type on your phone, you can observe a vibration. Whenever you get a message or a call the phone vibrates. Go to Vibrate in Settings and switch it off. These vibrations observe more battery power. Instead it is better to set a ringtone.

representational imageThe phone screen too determines batter power. If it an Amoled display, it takes more power to reflect a light colour. Most phone displays these days eat up battery life. You can improve battery backup, when you use black wallpaper, instead of a coloured one.

Many apps in your phone keep tracking your location. This also uses up the battery. Unless and until location is absolutely necessary, do not switch it on.

Apps update
By updating the apps every now and then, it is possible to save phone battery. Developers create updates through memory optimisation. So it is a good thing to get fresh updates.

Aeroplane mode
In areas where network signals are weak, the battery power is wasted due to searching for signals. Then it is better to switch on aeroplane mode. This is meant for areas with weak signals. When you switch it on, you will not receive any calls or messages. Your phone is not available for others. That is why this is just an option. You can use it when the need arises.

Auto sync
representational imageGoogle, Gmail, Twitter, calendar etc., keep refreshing often. This is for giving new information. You will not miss out on fresh info. But for this, the apps are kept in auto sync. As such, the battery is used. Turn off auto sync in Settings to avoid this.

GPS, Blue tooth, NFC
Switch off GPS, blue tooth and mobile data, when they are not in use. Many connect with Wi Fi and then forget to switch it off. All these activities lead to loss of battery backup. Try to keep these switched off.

Hot word detection
Google voice search is only service that is truly convenient. This is not used often though. It takes up a lot of battery backup. Switch off Hot word detection option in Google settings. Go to Google Settings. Select search and now and voice. OK Google detection off.

Adaptive/auto brightness
Switch off the auto brightness option in Display settings. This leaves the screen brighter than what is required, when it is on. As such, it takes up more battery power. It is better to switch it off and then select the required brightness manually. Auto brightness increases and decreases brightness, as per daylight and darkness. The power is wasted because of this.

Battery saver
There are some power saver options in settings in every phone. Identify them and activate them. Battery power is not wasted because of this.

Do not use phone while charging
representational imageMany keep the phone in charging and sleep during night times. There is an over charging protection in the mobile battery, in the form of a small chip. This chip does not allow any extra power into the battery after it is fully charged. This averts danger. But sometimes this practice of keeping in charging at nights, might lead to terrible consequences. The chip might be damaged and the battery might burst after being overcharged.

Some are used to making calls even as the phone is charging. Lithium ion battery is very sensitive. There should never be charging on one side and power discharge on the other. Even this might lead to battery bursting. There are two parts in the battery, i.e. positive cathode and negative anode. While charging the power goes through positive cathode to negative anode and is saved. While discharging, the process is reversed. When calls are made while charging the phone, both the actions will load the battery, leading to its damage. This is dangerous. That is why do not make calls while charging. You can view messages.

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