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Which is best - Flat or home in township or elsewhere?

Tue, May 24, 2016, 08:33 PM
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Constructing a home is a dream for many. Every person tries to own a home as per their financial capabilities. It maybe a home or flat, involving a huge amount of money. Own home must give enough satisfaction to every person. It must have a enough market value, too. From the point of view, buying land in township/gated community will be a wise decision. In this article, we seek to give you the necessary information.  

In townships, all basic facilities like shops, schools, hospital, parks and roads, drinking water and other facilities are there. One can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in a township. It is in fact a time- consuming and laborius thing to go far for buying any necessary item. So, people expect all kinds of facilities near their home. From that angle too, the townships or gated communities are convenient for the comfort-loving people.

Nice security

Gated communities are better from the point of view of security too. In these types of residences, compound wall and security guards are there around the project for providing enough security to the persons in it. It is very difficult for the outsiders to enter it. One can easily identify any outsider in the compound. So, crimes are so less here. If any person buys a flat or home in some other project, these facilities may not be there. And for that reason only, buying will be fast in gated communities rather than ordinary projects. In fact, there is much demand for these projects. There are enough facilities and an investment there is justified. Even selling of property will be fast due to the preferred comforts already existing there.

Other facilities

Open space will be more in townships or gated communities than in ordinary projects. Here, there are walking track, garden and playground. So, it is convenient for all to do exercise and taking rest. Further, children can play here so conveniently. These projects have all the facilities of residence, commercial complex, education, health and sports.

Less pollution

Generally, these projects are located in areas where there is no pollution or traffic. So these are convenient from that angle too. Inside these projects, there is enough greenery too so that all can maintain better health. These are also convenient for employed couples. With CCTVs, the entire compound has better watch throughout the day. Children and elders have better security here.


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