How to stick on in the job, earn well

Fri, Nov 10, 2017, 11:22 AM
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To work as a member of a team is one thing. To work solo, without depending on others for anything, is different. Instead of being just another worker in the company, depending on its progress for your well being, you can groom yourself to efficiently fulfill your duties and responsibilities in a way, where eventually, the company will come to depend on you. Let us see how this can be done.

Any company needs employees who are dependable. That is why companies do not like to let go of some workers, even though they are down. Just to keep these professionals with them, companies entice them with increments, promotions, stock options and various other incentives. That is why it is essential to earn a good reputation as an employee and continue in that position.

Skills in key fields
representational imageBe it software in a computer or a foreign language. It is useful only when you become efficient in it. You must learn the ropes in the company, which means skills in dealing with the main business activities. Learning to handle particularly those skills, which others are not interested in, is important. Then you will become indispensable to the company.

Cooperation with colleagues
Companies respect those who are role models for their junior employees. Good role models never hesitate to lend their support and wisdom to those who have come newly. Not all can do this. A majority would like to grow themselves. They are ever fearful that the others would replace them. However, there are those who welcome others' victories. Such role models do not have insecure feelings. Companies are forever keenly focussed on such employees.

Continuous learning
representational imageTry to accomplish a task, efficiently, in a way different from the routine. You will be surprised at the reaction. Learn something new every week. As such, you will be become multi-skilled in no time. The company will need you more than ever. Such small things will cause big changes. As technology is improving, the need for manpower is decreasing. Ensure that your work is not mechanical or routine. For this, you should keep an eye on the technical aspects of the programmes that are being used by your company. Priority is given to those who learn new skills and technologies, instead of sticking to the routine.

Employees who suggest successful solutions become vital for companies. If you have a solution to any problem, you must approach your boss with a comprehensive action plan. When you suggest a solution and it is a success, your position in the company is strengthened.

representational imageAlways have good relations with the boss as well as with your colleagues. This will create a congenial atmosphere with seniors. Personal relations and networking skills are a part of the employees prerogatives.
  • It is important to accomplish a given task, efficiently rather than finish it quickly. Not that you should delay the work. Efficiently accomplishing a task, as quickly as possible, is the key.
  • Not just being a role model for others. Good results are obtained, by including others and working as a team. Companies expect unusual performance from dependable employees, at certain times. Finishing a task on time, working overtime, working on weekly off days if necessary, might become inevitable. By accepting these happily, you can strengthen your position in the company.
  • Not just routine jobs, but participating in other responsibilities in the office in leisure time, shows your dedication.
  • If you want to work differently, you can ask for a transfer or a change of shift.
  • Do not spend a lot of time on Facebook and chats.
For higher salary
Normally, those who desire more salary, hunt for new jobs. But if you sharpen your skills and shape yourself in to a skilled, resourceful person, you can get higher salary in your own company.

Right employment
representational imageIf you are in a job in which you are interested and which is appropriate for your skills and levels of efficiency, you will progress. You will not hesitate to work harder and achieve good results.

Ensure that the workplace is lively and harmonious. Learn to greet everyone once you reach the office and thank the boss, when he/she lauds your performance. It is good to greet others with a smile.

First you
Being helpful to your boss shows your dedication to your work and the institution. Attending meetings, meeting deadlines, not hesitating to take up new projects, helps.

It is good to explain in detail, to your boss, via mail daily, the work that you have accomplished, what you are doing and what you propose to do.

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