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Book Thatkal ticket early...pay later...book like this

Tue, Nov 07, 2017, 09:35 PM
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Railways have made it more convenient for passengers to book Thatkal ticket quickly. You can book the ticket first and pay later.

representational imageBooking of AC Thatkal ticket online begins from 10 a.m. and that of sleeper class begins from 11 a.m. But in this method by the time you login to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), select the ticket, fill in the names and other details, and then proceed to pay, the seats are already reserved. Payment procedure takes a long time, as the number of seats are less and everyone is logged on at the same time. Meanwhile, the tickets are sold. The new feature in IRCTC, allows you to overcome these problems.
representational imageHow to book?
There is no change in the procedure to book Thatkal tickets. It is same as before. After selecting the date of journey, train and Thatkal options, you should register your name, age etc. details, in the next page. Then you are directed to payment page. On the left hand side, there are options which read: 'Pay on delivery/ Pay later.' If you select this, the booking procedure becomes easy.

representational imagePay and delivery/ pay later option will lead you to two more options, namely: Pay on Delivery (powered by Android technologies) and epay later (powered by Arthasastra Fintech Private Ltd.). In this, if you select Pay on delivery, the Thatkal ticket will be brought to your house. You will need to pay with cash or through card. If you take the ticket before hand and opt to pay later, you will need to select the second option, epay later.
representational imageWhen you select Pay on Delivery, you will need to 'ok' Make Payment option. A pop up window will show the rules and regulations. When you 'ok' this after reading all the rules, you will need to give your profile and address details. You have to give the address, where you want the ticket to be delivered. Give your name, phone number and email ID, in profile details. Then onwards, whenever you want to book these kind of tickets, these details will be taken as standard.

As soon as you book the ticket, all the details regarding the ticket, including PNR number, will be forwarded through SMS and email. The physical copy will be sent to your house. Then you should pay. If you do not pay then, they will charge for cancellation. In case of failure to pay even this, the account will be deactivated and legal action will begin against you.
representational imageIf you have to begin your journey within 24 hours, you will need to pay via the link that is sent to your email ID. Because, delivery is not possible before scheduled departure. The facility to deliver the ticket at the address and take the payment, is only for journeys later than 24 hours and before 72 hours. If the money is not paid before the journey, the ticket is cancelled. Cancellation charges will have to be paid. Any refund will be credited to the bank account.

Ticket can be booked then and there in 'epay later' option. You will need to pay the money before 14 days. For this 3.5 per cent of the ticket value will be charged for this. IRCTC is offering this facility, with the help of Arthasastra Pin Tech company. The link for payment will be sent to the mail. You can pay within 14 days, via this link. If you fail to pay the amount, the company will extract it with 36 per cent interest on the whole amount. IRCTC account will be deactivated.

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