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Can Whats App be used for business needs?

Tue, Oct 03, 2017, 01:16 PM
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Whats App is not limited to leisure and time pass. It is the biggest bridge of communications. If you think hard, you can see a number of uses of Whats App, not just for entertainment, but for many other things. It is like an anchor for businessmen and employees.

Being a means of communications for business needs, Whats App will be useful for progress in your business. It can be used for organising sales team and for constant consultations among those involved. At least 250 persons can be included in a group. A company sales manager, can organise a group easily. You can connect very quickly and easily on Whats App, when compared to mails.

representational imageWhats App is a good means of consulting customers or for services. As it takes time to call up and speak, customers can easily complain about services or products through What's App. You can know about the complaint status. However, experts say that it is difficult to reply to a large number of complaints or views, through Whats App. At such times, complaints from customers can be accepted through Whats App and replies can be sent through mails. Whats App is also used for marketing and promotions. Colgate has used Whats App recently, to promote its toothpaste. It called upon users to send smiling selfies through a Whats App number, written on a toothpaste pack. It announced that winners could be crowned as Stylist, by brand ambassador, Sonam Kapoor. You can use this as feedback from customers. It is possible to know customers opinions, if Whats App number is printed on the products.

In various ways
  • An organisation called Rush from Mumbai, is seeking orders for cakes and flowers through Whats App
  • Whats App is being used by various platforms to order food. For example, if a menu of a restaurant is sent through Whats App, you can just type the item number on the menu and the dish will be delivered at your doorstep.
  • You can seek doctor's appointment through What's App. Also, you can get doctor's advice and suggestions for common health problems through What's App.
  • If you send the prescription through Whats App to the Pharmacy store, the medicines will come home in a pack.
  • Delhi Police have started a helpline with a Whats App number. On the first day, they got 23,000 complaints.

A good friend for her business
Neeta Adappa sells herbal products, with the name Natural Herbals and she started Whats App groups for promotion and customer services. She replies to every question, with a lot of patience. With this, her products and services have now become famous. With this, her business is expanding. Experts observed that this will improve close relations with customers.

Whats App tuitions
Whats App can be used as a small online school. Teachers, students and parents can be added in one group. Teachers can take up tuition's for students, through Whats App, after class hours. They can give reply to students' questions, send audio and video clippings regarding their lessons and assignments or graphics and charts. As it is not advisable to give access to children to Whats App, teachers should align with parents in this regard.

Special App for business
representational imageSoon a new app will be introduced for Whats App businesses. Small traders can download this app, which is different from the normal Whats App, and offer services to more customers. At present, there cannot be more than 250 members in a group. But the upcoming app will be able to accept more customers. It is being tested at present.

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