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Dual cameras in phone, how they are useful

Mon, Oct 02, 2017, 03:35 PM
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Ever since OnePlus5 dual camera phone has been released in the markets, the issue of two cameras on one side of the phone, has become talk of the town. Many thought, why two cameras, when one is enough. Let us see what it means to have dual cameras:

Dual camera does not mean the normal phone, where there is a camera on either side of it. It means two cameras on the same side, either in front of the phone or behind it. Dual camera phones are not new. HTC had introduced AO3D phone, way back in 2011. Later, some other companies focussed on this technology. HTC also introduced 1M8 with the same technology, in 2014. In the limited space on a smart phone, dual camera technology has been used for better phones. In the new OnePlus5, there are two 20.20 mega pixel cameras. Last year, Huawie9, LG G5, iPhone 7plus also stepped in to the market. Each of these cost Rs. 35,000 and more. Coolpad Cool 1 and Hanner 6x also give excellent photos.

What are their uses?
representational imageWe can expect good pictures from dual cameras with sensor size, pixel size, aperture and other things. Dual camera means two sensors and two lens. You can get three dimensional pictures. This is also called stereo photography. Because of two cameras, photos are much more sharp, clear and detailed. Both the cameras work in coordination. This technology helps to get clearer and more detailed images. If you observe the photos taken with one lens camera, you will notice that only the face or object focussed will be clear, while the background is blurred. Dual camera is useful in taking pictures with binocular vision. For example, each of us have two eyes. Close one eye and look with the other. You can observe that the area of vision is more expansive with two eyes, rather than just one eye. Moreover, you cannot see that clearly and in more detail with one eye.

The area around the focussed object becomes expansive when seen through dual camera. Film frame is separate for each lens. Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Google Pixel, OnePlus3, LG5, HTC 10 will give good pictures even in less light. They function better when compared to other dual cameras. Generally, in dual camera phones, the first camera is used for clicking photos. The second camera is arranged to zoom to enhance clarity. What the first camera cannot do, the second one does. In single rear camera, the quality of the image is compromised, when zoomed. But it is vice versa in dual cameras. More light is allowed due to dual lens. Hence, it is possible to take clear pictures, even in less light. There is no fear that the image will be blurred or shaky.

Front dual camera
representational imageDual cameras on the front of the phone are meant for good selfies. Lenova VibeS1 is one such. There are two cameras of 8 mp and 2 mp in front of the phone. There are two cameras of 20 mp and 8 mp in the front of Vivo V5 Plus. The cost of the phone is Rs. 26,000 (Flipkart).

Dual camera phones use more battery power. The cost of the phone is also more, with normal specs. If the quality of the cameras is not good, photos too come out poorly. The photos taken with dual cameras occupy more space. So the battery capacity should be more. A good quality single camera phone, with good picture quality is better than a poor quality dual camera phone, experts observed.

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