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How to find jobs in various positions?

Sat, Sep 30, 2017, 06:28 AM
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For some, to gain employment is easy. For the rest it is a difficult task. It is scary for some to leave the present job and hunt for a new one. They are afraid of the competition. They are many who struggle to gain employment. Let us see what experts have to say about what to do freshly, to succeed in getting a job at different stages in life (depending on age).

Twenty (20) years
representational imageYou might have just stepped out of college. You are very enthusiastic. You will be eager to gain employment and prove your worth. But you have no experience. You are tagged as a fresher. Strangely, this is also a qualification to get a job. At the same time, if you have experience, the job that you get and your pay package will be different. That is why, many college students these days, are working part time, trying to gain job experience while studying.

Working part time in a job that deals with your college course, will help you in the future. As soon as you complete your studies, you can easily take up a job in the field that you have studied. You need not be disheartened even if you do not have any experience. Especially in job hunt, never be disheartened at any point of time. Only then will you be successful. These days, multi-national companies are giving importance only to youth. Because, youth are willing to work even for less salary. Moreover, it is easier to get freshers rather than experienced people. Also, technology is advancing at great speed these days. It is the same even in Information Technology (IT) field. Even experienced people are pressurised to start afresh sometimes, by learning new techniques. Therefore the line between freshers and experienced persons is thinning. So freshers need not fear job hunting.

It is necessary to study the methods of employment in the field of your choice, after your college course. You will learn about what the hiring managers are expecting out of the candidates. If you study the job notifications, you will know if they are asking for freshers or expecting some experience. If relevant experience is expected, a short training course will help. For example, if you want to enter IT field, instead of just one course, you will gain additional qualification, by doing two or three courses in verticals. Not just this; these courses and experience will help you to stabilise yourself, after getting a job.

Thirty (30) years
representational imageJob hunting at this age will be for many reasons, like salary package, positions or roles in the present company or dislike for the environment. Job hunting in 30s, is by experienced persons, and different from freshers. While the latter have abundant opportunities, experienced people have less opportunities. They have the responsibility of proving themselves.  Additionally, they might have a family, like wife, children, depending on them. Changing a job at this stage requires one to keep aside, at least three months budget for the family needs.

Leadership skills will help in job hunting at this stage. With natural experience, they will try to get senior positions. Responsibilities too might be equally important. You should be prepared to take them. Also, contacts in the same field too become important. That is why you should be respectful to seniors in your field of work. It will be good for you to organise a meeting with experts, annually, in your field of experience, and learn about the new trends. Plan it in such a way, that your speech will be the most attractive one. As such, your reach, enthusiasm and interest in your field, will become clear to experts. Conferences and training sessions will help in introducing yourself as fast forward.

Good relations with managers and bosses will come of use, at this stage. At times of need, their references will help while job hunting. If your seniors leave the present company and get a better position in another company, normally they prefer to take in their former colleagues. Professional network is necessary. Linked-in is the right place for this. A clear cut Linked-in profile, regarding career, skills and eligibility will prove be an additional qualification. Even Twitter and Facebook pages will help. Tweets on news relevant to the field of experience will reach experts in the same field. With this, you do not have to specially introduce yourself. If you have more time and patience, you can create a blog on the field of your experience. You can post interviews of prominent persons, CEOs, senior managers etc., on the blog or on Twitter and gain success. These will help you to reach a high level in your own field.

Forty (40) years
representational imageIt is a middle phase in the career. It is a phase where skilled workers or the salaried people will get more income. It is stage where you will have to prove your worth in taking up new responsibilities, in the new company. The wages too are more than expected in this age. But it is inevitable for you to prove that you are efficient enough for the amount of salary being paid to you. Job hunting should be different at this stage. Find out if there are any job opportunities in the field of your experience. Also, your search online should not stop. At this stage, you would have gained at least 15 years to 20 years of experience. You would have learnt some valuable skills. But do not try new roles that are not relevant to your experience.

You should add in your resume, how competent you are in executing your responsibilities in the new company, how can you increase the productivity of the company or how much more can you add to its profitability. Because, if companies take people of this age, they would need to expend more. In this respect, it would become necessary on your part to tell the company, why they should hire you. It is not right to choose a job that involves less responsibilities, due to personal reasons or family problems. At the same time, do not be sensitive to facts like having a younger person for a boss. Focus on your own capabilities and do not bother about those which you do not have. Be with a positive state of mind, that your skills would be useful to the company rather than with the negative attitude that you are getting old. There should be no mistakes whatsoever. You should highlight the progress you have achieved in your career and the responsibilities that you undertook in the previous companies.

Fifty (50) years
representational imageJob hunting all these days is different and that undertaken after 50 years is different. Normally, you will have very limited opportunities at this age. Companies do not hire people of this age. That is why, you should be on the highest level in the scale, where skills and eligibility are concerned, within the limited opportunities. You should rehash your Linked in profile, to embellish it with achievements. You should be able to convince the company that you are not a liability but your skills are useful to them. You should express the confidence that you will be ready to take up any responsibility. It is also necessary to be healthy and fit, physically and mentally.

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