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Getting permanent driving licence..

Sun, May 22, 2016, 07:31 PM
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If anyone got a permanent driving licence, he is considered fit to run any motor vehicle. Learner's licence is just like a permission to learn the driving of any motor vehicle. All those with learner's licence will have to apply for a permanent driving licence within six months. In this article, we try to give you all the information on getting a permanent driving licence.  

There are two categories of commercial and non-commercial in driving licence (DL). If any person wants to get the driving licence for driving personal vehicles, they have to get non- commercial one. Commercial licence is for those persons who want to drive commercial vehicles. Any candidate can apply for a permanent commercial driving licence after having two years of driving experience with the general driving licence. This is issued to those persons who are above 20 years of age.

For getting a non-commercial driving licence, one has to apply for the same after one month of getting a learner's licence. The licence is issued to those persons who are above 18 years. Non- commercial licence is valid for 20 years from the date of issue. Further, it is valid only till the licence holder reaches the age of 50 years. For example, if a 20-year-old person got the licence, the licence is valid only till he reaches the age of 40 years. If a 35-year-old person got the licence, the licence is valid only for 15 years. After that, the licence has to be renewed for every five years. The validity of commercial licence is only three years.


One can apply for a permanent driving licence at any transport office. Otherwise, one can visit the website of the Transport department, fill in all the details and attend for the test at the given date and time.


(For Andhra Pradesh candidates)


(For Telangana candidates)

After entering the website, one can find 'Licence' option at the left side of the page. By clicking at the option, you can find two options like 'Driving Test Slot Availability' and 'Driving Test Slot Booking'. You can get the available slots and dates by clicking at slot availability option. Then, you have to select one date and enter your details there. Don't forget to get its printout and preserve it. Reaching the Transport Office one hour before the scheduled time is must. Go to the office with all the necessary documents.

When going to the Transport Office, you have to take the Application Form Number 4, necessary documents supporting date of birth, residence and your identity with you.

For getting commercial licence, licence card, Form Number 5 training certificate issued by any recognized driving school and medical certificate have to be submitted. One should not forget to take RC, insurance, pollution certificate and your vehicle while going to the transport office. Further, wearing helmet is compulsory for those candidates who are riding two-wheelers and seat belt is compulsory for those candidates who are driving four-wheelers.

One has to pay the fee after going to the Transport Office. All your documents will be checked by the staff at the transport office. Then, you have to give your finger prints and photo to the staff. A bond will be tied to your hand thereafter. The motor vehicle inspector will conduct the driving test. If you fail in the test, you can attend for another test after one week only.

About the driving test.......

On a two-wheeler, you have to complete one round on a road which will be in the shape of '8'. You should not put your foot on the ground till you complete the round and the entire test should be completed in the prescribed time limit. For getting the Light Motor Vehicles (Car) Licence, the applicant has to complete the driving successfully on a road which will be in the shape of '8'. The road will have ups and downs and the applicant must drive the vehicle successfully. Further, the applicant will have to drive the vehicle in reverse direction too on the same road.

If you lost licence card ?

You can get the new licence card if you lost the original licence, want to get the same with your latest photo or the card is damaged. To get the new one, one has to go to the Transport Office and submit LLD form there. You have to submit residence and identity proofs and one passport size photo. You have to submit the old damaged card there. After paying the fee, the staff will take your fingerprints and photo.  

For renewal........

The candidates will have to submit Form 9 for renewing the driving licence. They have to submit Form 1 to show that you are physically fit. Similarly, those candidates who have crossed the age of 50 and have commercial licence have to submit Form 1A (Medical Certificate). Further, they have to submit two passport size photos too at the counter. Your digital photo will also be taken by the staff at another counter.

However, you have to attend for fresh driving test if you are applying for the driving licence five years after the expiry of the driving licence.


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