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New features in What's App...what they do

Wed, Jul 26, 2017, 04:56 PM
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Some new features have been added to What's App, the app that connects some crores of people across the world. The app on your mobile phone should be updated, in order to obtain these features.

Pinned Chat
Even though you chat with numerous contacts and groups in What's App, there are just a couple or more contacts or groups that are really important to you. These important contacts or groups can show on top of the screen, once you open What's App. This is done with the help of Pinned Chat option. Select say some three important contacts and press the Pinned Chat symbol, on top of the screen. The next time you open What's App, these pinned contacts will appear on top of the screen, despite the numerous other messages, you might have got.

Two step-verification
What's up has brought in 2-step verification option this year. This has been under beta testing for some months now. It has been successfully added. It is a security feature, under which a stranger cannot use your What's App, as it requires verification in two steps. No one can tamper with another's phone or account, as a six-digit password code has to be given. The app will be installed only after this. The feature is already being used by Twitter, Apple, Google, and Instagram.

Text Status feature returns
What's App has introduced Status option in place of Text Status, in the beginning of this year. Users can add images, videos and GIFs to their status. However, these get deleted after 24 hours. There were a lot of complaints by users. As such, the old option was restored.

Video calling button
Video calls have been made much more easy. Video calling symbol is seen on the screen top, when What's App is opened. The app organizers said that Indians topped in making video calls through What's App. Once you open chat with a contact, the video call and ordinary call icons, appear on top of the screen.

Voice messenger
This facility is available only for Apple iPhone 10.3 users. They will have to go to settings and activate the option. Another feature is that as soon as the app is opened, camera icon is also placed on the top of the screen, along with status, video and ordinary call icons. It is present even in the typing space while chatting. Additionally it will appear on top.

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