I am an ardent fan of Telugu TV serials. Earlier we had such wonderful serials as Sneha (though based on Rajani of Priya Tendulkar) and Padmavyuham, Popula Pette of the great comedy Writer-Director Jandhyala. Even in Maa TV, we had superb serials like Radha Madhu, Ammamma.com, etc., But unfortunately for Telugu Audience and may be, unfortunately for MAA TV also, MAA TV started telecasting serials dubbed from Hindi, like, Chinnari Pelli Koothuru (Balika Vadhu from Colours TV) and Naadee Aada Janme (again from Colours TV 'Naa Aana Is Desh me Laado'). These Hindi TV serials are totally out of context for Telugu people. One is a Rajasthan based serial (Baalika Vadhu), and the other is UP, which have no relevance to our language and culture. The themes and even the costumes are totally non Telugu.
MAA TV.. Where is your creative team... can it not produce original Telugu serials?