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Leadership.. needs courage.. where can we find it?

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"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." Rosalynn Carter

Today, we need great leaders in this country who can put country infront of the party and future of the state and country infront of the next election. The never ending Telangana movement reminds me of 2 things. A hollywood movie called 'Groundhog day' where the hero wakes up and has the exact same day every day, and second a health condition that is ignored will naturally becomes complicated.

One thing I break my head each day, about the notion by the government, political pundits that consensus required in the political parties. I don't get this, Political parties are expected be protect their political interests and prospects in every move, because of the central government's botched up announcement in Dec 2009, the people in both regions of AP are driven to extreme positions. How do you ever get to a consensus with this within the major political parties across regions?

That is where the central govt needs to act responsibly. They need to put the politics out of this and take a decision that will protect the long term interests of the people and the state.

Also, lets take a step back. I will try to stay away from the merits of the and justifications of the demand, but this makes me wonder about the following things

1. Role of central government: What a shame? How did they let things go so bad? In the world's largest democracy, we have seen how bad the communication has been. Regardless of the political posturing, shouldn't the government have a criteria for making these decisions? Why can't they clearly communicate and forward the information to people? What we have is a vaccum of leadership and common sense.. and we let this issue become so ugly. Government needs to launch a massive communication campaign, engage people to discuss their worries on both sides, show some leadership to build some level of consensus with adequate protections to the 'people' regardless of the decision.

2. The change (you can expect or not): This is the most troubling thing to me. If there is injustice done to a region(Telangana) in the last 50 years, how does this change with a new state?
If you have the same political leaders, same governmnet(democratic and constitutional) institutions.. what will change for the common man? The same leaders who are leading this fight.. what were they doing for last 30 to 40 years? They were enjoying the power, they reaped all the benefits of power..., where were the instances they fought against the injustice, issue by issue? What will change with the same leaders and same system?

3. Strike .. against whom?: Everyone must respect the general sentiment of the people, the constitutional right to express their dissatisfaction. However .. why should the strike include critical items like education, health and power? which affects the common man.
Regardless of where this happens, my opinion is .. the common man must be protected for health, public transport agriculture etc.. All the common people do not have a car to go around even when public transport is shutdown.. unfortunately.. illness does not go on strike.. farmer's crops need some water for survival..let's not punish the weakest of the weak

4. Need for reform in the system / people : Whether state gets separated or not, nothing will change unless people wake up and start being honest with themselves. Imagine if the same passion and energy in the state around this issue can be applied to every problem, injustice etc.. would there be a need for these movements? Would we celebrate the so called leaders who looted the state (YSR's admin who looted land, water, mines.. you name it) in the last 6 to 7 years under the disguise of welfare schemes? As long as people are prejudiced and not rational.. nothing will change for the common man..regardless of the outcome of the state separation.

Finally, if you want to leave a better tomorrow for the people of this state and the next generation, please find the courage and honesty to question the injustice around you, courage that put this country ahead of politics, common sense infront of rhetoric. Let's hope we can all find that, regardless of the outcome of the state's separation debate.

Winston Churchill said "Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others."

Jai Kisan!! Jaihind!!

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