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US systematically deports Hyderabad students

Fri, Dec 25, 2015, 03:11 PM
There appears to be a systematic approach by the US immigration authorities to stop Indian students from Hyderabad. In the first instance, students were stopped at Hyderabad airport itself and turned back. The students who traveled from Hyderabad were stopped en route at Abu Dhabi and deported in the latest instance. The students were bound to Silicon Valley University and North-Western Polytechnic University.

On their return, the Hyderabad students gave an account of their ordeal in the Sheikhdom. The US Preclearance Immigration authorities at Abu Dhabi surrounded the students as they were changing planes. While there were other passengers, the students were roughly called out and shunted into a room that was closed from outside. They were confined.

The students were interrogated in a vain manner with questions such as: Did you drink in the past 24 hours? If yes, how many ML? What was the dress of the airhostess on your flight to Abu Dhabi? Was she pretty? What was the colour of her hair?

In all 16 students were thus confined to the closed room for 16 hours.

The staff of the US Customs and Border Protection, who put the frivolous questions, forced the students to put their signature on typed sheets that said they did not want to get admission to American universities, and that their education visas should be cancelled, the students alleged.

The students were dumbfounded by their self-infliction of forfeiting US education and self-cancelled visas.

All the students were then put in a flight back to Hyderabad and deported.
Agency: Ap7am Desk

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