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  1. Message Oriented Comedy Clips by SATYA and Team
  2. Alternate Energy Source- A boon to AP
  3. Telugu pride gets a stunning boost: Jai Ho Sri Ram
  4. The Need for Communication
  5. Human Strength
  6. Lack of a sports promotion policy in Andhra Pradesh
  7. Neighbour’s envy Owner’s pride.
  8. Illiteracy
  9. No woman Chief Minister till date!
  10. No more Bandhs please!
  11. Rain and pain
  12. Rosaiah Govt. Collapses very soon - How is it going to happen?
  13. Common Wealth games management ashamed off? But, I'm - Shame!! shame!! Indians
  14. A sad Ganesha!
  15. ఏ ముంది గర్వకారణం ఈ భారతంలో.. పెళ్లి కూడా క
  16. hyderabad something special
  17. where is the safety?
  18. say yes to bus and trains
  19. People for Loksatta Condemns the Violence against Party offices in Telangana region
  20. kuchipudiki pattabhishekam
  21. కన్నబిరణ్ కన్నుమూత
  22. ఎందుకీ అనవసరపు తాత్సారం?
  23. రక్త చరిత్ర
  24. PFL Strongly Condemns Attack on Dr JP
  25. Dandi March II flagged off at San Diego, USA
  26. VAT wived off for loose liquor in bars?
  27. Fighting Corruption, the Gandhian Way
  28. Dandi March-II Global Press Release
  29. People For LokSatta elects its first Executive Board
  30. Think of developing new cities...
  31. Drama of temporary sacrifice - cotinues for T-state
  32. Value of a Common Man without a bike/car is Zero ?
  33. No space for footpath. But, wider dividers and greenery in place
  34. No electricity for basic need in A.P.. But, govt. wastes lot of power on advertisemen
  35. Corruption - What is it? Where is it? Who are the contributors? Am I one among them
  36. Kumbhakonam - the maha scam
  37. Young India, Indepedent and Direction less - Why?
  38. Surprising out comes of Indian Education System.
  39. A uniform development in AP
  40. Short Film - SEVAKULAM - a satirical small fight against Caste System
  41. Magic Of Prabhas Baahubali