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  1. condemn the brutal police firing on sompeta people.
  2. Shame, shame and shame on Indian cricketers...
  3. Why should MPs get a salary hike?
  4. Why do we belittle the Chess legend?
  5. The media Hype
  6. Attack on teachers: A brutal act
  7. Share your views
  8. a seperate law for settlers?
  9. Personal wealth games
  10. chile chiranjeevulu
  11. dear smokers..please stop the smoking
  12. america is not a heaven
  13. The stupid show of Omkar on MAA
  14. Is the High Court verdict, ethical?
  15. Both PMs at Cricket Match :: sad & ridiculous
  16. Mr. Kodanda Ram, When will u sacrifice for T-state?
  17. The “Veena” plays a different tune now….
  18. 'KISS'a Mantree Kaa
  19. SPS Rathore will smile agaon….
  20. Komatireddy’s son’s road to perfidy
  21. Sachin’s cover drive!
  22. Chandni Chowk to Sachin Tendulkar Road ....
  23. Kingfisher's financial hemlines....
  24. Why this Kolaveri ....?
  25. Team india's medical case-sheet
  26. Protest against honorable CJI H.L. Dattu’s private meeting with Telangana CM KCR.?