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  1. The Powerful Weapon
  2. The false portrayal of women
  3. Isn't this Telugu media irresponsible?
  4. వర్షబీభత్సంపై మీడియాకు బాధ్యత ఉందా?
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  6. Street fight of TV Channels to claim credit
  7. Sakshi attributes ‘badluck’ to Kiran
  8. Media over enthusiasm in Jagan resignation!
  9. Sakshi TV targets CM Kiran
  10. Konda letter : Sakshi strategic silence
  11. Students will be ruined, If cases are lifted,
  12. Vidyarthuloo.. thasmath jagratha...
  13. Wanted An Impartial and balanced newspaper
  14. Feed a Hungry Child
  15. Stop blocking Jagan coverage
  16. My few mimicry videos..
  17. Deyyamtho Panenti Short film ( horror n comedy)
  18. OPTBuzZ Press Release
  19. Cover up Everyday's breaking news from wallpost trends
  20. reuest for telugu news cahnnels.
  21. A shortfilm Shot in Michigan - SEVAKULAM -A satirical (comedy) short film on Caste Sy